It’s been a busy summer, long may it continue. It seems that as the weather gets better, people are finding they have less and less time to spend indoors. There are just so many more exciting things to be doing outside! That’s where we can help, and more people are joining the online shopping revolution each and every day.


Speaking of fun things to do outside, we just can’t get enough of this summers Auckland Art Festival. Going to bed last night listening to the fireworks and pyrotechnic display of ‘The Breath Of The Volcano‘ in the Auckland Domain I’m thinking it’d be rude not to book tickets to some of the other shows. From Sizzling Salsa to acrobatics , the Auckland Arts Festival really does seem to have it all.


If you’re located a little further south, it’ll definitely be worth checking out the Hokitika Wild Foods Festival this weekend. Get your appetite up, your glad-rags on and head down for a feed of Huhu Grubs! What better way to spend the weekend. (I’m sure there will be some refreshments to wash the adventurous food down with). Definitely a kiwi must-do.


What ever activity you’re filling your weekend with, supermarket shopping doesn’t have to be one of them. The forecast is outstanding so get involved in the last of summer, and make the most of it.


The SupermarketSaver crew has had a busy summer. We’ve been so flat-tack selling products that stocks are now running low. Today a massive order has been confirmed for more stock, so it won’t be long until a bunch of new items hit the shelves. ProductSaver has also been moving fast, they’ve just introduced three daily specials to make it even easier for shoppers to find the right bargain.


We’re pretty excited about the direction that 2013 is taking us. Hope it’s treating you well too. 🙂

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