Christmas Craziness

Arrrghhh the Christmas Crazy has started. It’s the timed explosion of festive cheer, bright lights, overspending and shopping queues. And no matter how hard you try, unless you have rights to a cave to live in, you just can’t avoid the madness. 


Tips to getting through the throng of screaming babies and over enthusiastic santas:

1. Re-cycle. Those Christmas decorations from last year might need just some new string, and new fur trim on Santas hat, or new bulbs in your christmas lights. If your christmas isn’t shaping up to the the blaring festivity that it was last year, just turn the house lights down lower. 

2. Pool resources. Why not have a big family christmas this year. It might mean that you need to decorate only one home, and can give presents to families instead of individuals. Multiply the Christmas love!

3. Make a list. Start with the people you need to shop for, then try and match them with a gift. It also might pay to have some generic pressies on hand (like wine, chocolates etc) for those last minute invites, or people who should have made the list – but for forgotten….

4. Shop online. It’ll mean that you’re more likely to stick to your list as there aren’t impulse buys pushed on you, and you’re much more likely to bag yourself a bargain. Of course we’re going to recommend our own ( has some great gift ideas!) but there are lots of sites out there so get familiar with your keyboard.

5. Don’t forget that normal life carries on. For example, you’ll still need to clean the house, walk the dog and do the laundry. Unfortunate but true. Do yourself a favour and buy all the household ‘stuff’ in one go. That way you have to spend your summer afternoons lugging heavy detergent from the supermarket instead of building a sandcastle at the beach. 

6. Finally, remember to look after yourself! There isn’t a better time to sit back, and reward yourself with a good book and a glass of wine. The dishes can wait, and over-indulgence is almost expected at this time of year. Make the most of it!

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