Daylight Savings.

Now that the shock of the early morning wake-ups in the dark has almost worn off, I can begin to surface into the world and resume some normality. Daylight Savings always knocks me for six, although those gloriously long summery nights are JUST around the corner. Can. Not. Wait. 

Lots of people use Daylight Savings to remind them of what time of year it is. I know mums of large families who use Daylight Savings as their cue to start Christmas Shopping! Little early for that for me I think…. 

Jokes aside, at this time of year it’s very important to check your fire alarm batteries. It’s a message that gets hammered, twice a year, and one that we tend to ignore. “I changed the batteries only like, last year, wasn’t it?”

Is it one we can afford to ignore though? I for one found the recent advertising campaign with the father and daughter after a house fire very harrowing. Definitely worth spending a few dollars a year on batteries – just to avoid the risk more than anything. 

So, do the responsible thing. Dust off the fire alarm, change the batteries, and sleep easy knowing your family is safe. 





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