Winter Warmers

Blogging seems to be a catch 22. When you’re really busy doing lots of exciting blog-worthy things you’re too busy doing said blog-worthy things to write a blog-worthy blog. First world problems.

SupermarketSaver is morphing every day. We’ve just ordered a big shipment of M.A.C make-up to grace our shelves – which has been the cause of much excitement. Cheap make-up from an elite brand? Yes thank you! The first edible products are also now for sale – we’re starting off with Pringles and Biscuits and as they’ve proven so popular we’ll be sure to put more in there. Hopefully we can soon offer tea, coffee etc – all those things you need but just don’t have time to spend thinking about.

We’ve also added a stationary category, a laundry category, oral care products as well as adding to our existing categories. Just try and hold us back! Need to brush you teeth while doing your washing and writing a letter? We’ve got you covered.

As for the general hub-bub at SupermarketSaver – it’s been the standard hijinks. Our latest and greatest source of entertainment each morning in the office is the SupermarketSaver promotion on Facebook. We’re giving away $150 worth of Baby Gear to anyone who uploads a cute picture of their bubba to our page then collects the most votes. There are definitely some cuuuuuuuuuuuuute babies in the pool, and some contenders have over 100 votes! Those are some pretty dedicated Mums! Well done, and keep ’em coming 🙂

In other news, a blocked drain and an hour of solid rain resulted in a little ‘dampness’ in the warehouse. Everyone grabbed a towel or a broom and with the help of the New Zealand Fire Service, quickly managed to keep things under control. A nice little distraction for the afternoon.

Apart from that, we’ve got the mandatory yawns around the office this morning as we’re all far too interested in the London Olympics. My favourite quote so far from our team is “Phelps didn’t get gold? What was he doing?!” How easy it is to be a spectator! The time difference could well be the end of me though as we head into another night of unmissable action. I’m not even going to try and hide my excitement for the Equestrian Cross Country – and the Artistic Gymnastics could be a goer. Funny how interested you suddenly become in sports that previously held no attraction…

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