Getting down to the nitty gritty

Things at SupermarketSaver are barrelling along at a breathtaking rate. We’re diving head first into marketing campaigns, snazzy new internet stuff, and big new partnerships. The days are whizzing by like a blink, and suddenly it’s May! How did this wintry chill creep up on me so quietly?!
But before we get too carried away, lets recap on the last few months. At the end of February I had a great idea to slap a SupermarketSaver t-shirt onto my brother’s chest as he appeared on the TV show “The Crowd Goes Wild” vying for a spot in their group going to Melbourne for the Grand-Prix. The t-shirt we designed was incredible if I do say so myself (see the pics below) and the race was set. Not only did said brother lose the competition, he also had a maximum of 0.45seconds air-time. Epic fail. There goes that idea.
Onwards and upwards, we decided to focus more on giving stuff away to people who’d actually appreciation it! Our Subscribe and Win in March promo proved pretty popular. We gave away 5 $50 vouchers for SupermarketSaver and they’ve been gobbled up like the Cookie Monster on a rampage. Here’s Jas, one of our winners, congratulations to all of the others as well. 
Since then we’ve been working hard on some mackin’ mother’s day specials, negotiating some pretty awesome partnerships (watch this space), processing our ever increasing orders and putting in some orders for exciting new products. It’s been a very busy few months, and we’ve sometimes needed a little extra motivation to get out of bed on these freezing mornings. I think I’ve found just the ticket…..
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