At the start line

This is the week! SupermarketSaver is about to launch, (the date is undefined, there seems to be quite a bit to this building a website business!) and it’s all systems go.
The stock has arrived, which means that the warehouse smells nice and clean because of all the cleaning products, but also means that there is a lot of counting to do. With over 200 lines, and a pretty big initial order – there’s a lot of nitty gitty to get it all sorted. Top that with the usual craziness that go along with any shopping organisation at this time of year and you have bona fide mayhem!
Bless them, the warehouse team are trying to count, sort, and shelve amidst boxes from our sister company ProductSaver and a job list a mile long. Better to be busy though right!?
SupermarketSaver and ProductSaver staff have been working through the weekend to get things sorted. Today has been all about building our initial ‘Grand Opening’ email, making sure we have all the prerequisites to host the DPS Payment System on our site, and learning more about Accounts. (eck! Luckily we have some pretty nifty software to make things run smoothly!)
Hopefully we can meet with the Top-guns (bosses) tomorrow who’ll give me the tick of approval and we’ll be off the ground. Let the madness begin – then hopefully a smooth 2012!
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