The Season for Change

I had some grand ideas of writing the inaugural blog for SupermarketSaver about how things are all changing, but now I wonder – can it be change when you began with nothing? Isn’t that just starting something up?

Anyway you want to describe it, things are starting to happen here at the SupermarketSaver office. We’re spending a lot of time analysing spread-sheets to see just how big our savings can be so that we can still afford to pay the electricity bill, but can offer customers prices miles below those seen in the supermarkets. While the savings are exciting, studying spread-sheets is not the most exciting task. There ARE a lot of exciting things going on though. Firstly, the Cookie Time Fundraiser lady just came around to our office and took our order. Good-bye well intentioned fruit bowl. Then we’ve got the new SupermarketSaver Facebook page, which at the moment is being used to embarrass SupermarketSaver staff but will in the future let friends know all about savings and deals we’ll have going. (More deals? I know, madness right?). Get in early here
Then we have the shelving, which at the moment is a partially assembled pile of planks and joinery. With an active imagination one can see the potential lurking underneath but I think this a push for me and you to think of this as exciting. Not so the guys in the warehouse. Almost too much excitement. Think a little kid at Christmas.

While change can be a little unsettling, somehow it just seems to fit. Maybe it’s the General Election talk, with all the changes, publicity and uncertainty. I’ve heard that at the moment it doesn’t look like our Government will change very much, but its definitely a period of shuffling (and cups of tea). I bet those politicians are wishing SupermarketSaver were up and running already, I can just see John Key getting frustrated at running out of razors the morning he has an important morning tea meeting with John Banks.

Then on a grander scale (sorry Winston Peters but there ARE more important things that politicians) we have the can’tdecideifitsreallyhereyet summer weather. Can I get my jandals out yet? Or would that be taking dangerous and provocative risks? Summer is definitely on the way, but it’s just tickling us with its long fingers, there hasn’t yet been a full on bear hug. Maybe the real summer scorchers will coincide with SupermarketSavers launch. How fitting.

All these changes are inspiring, if a little overwhelming. I know here at SupermarketSaver (and probably in the Wellington Beehive) we’re looking forward to some consistency. Constant and dependable savings on a daily basis. Keeping things fresh and new, but offering 24/7 savings on big name brands is the goal. We’re well on the way. 
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