Lucas PawPaw

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny the popularity of this little tube of fermented fruit. 


At SupermarketSaver it’s a big product, we all use it (mostly as a lip balm) and love it. So… what does the rest of the world think of this product?

This site is usually pretty good for getting an idea of the chat surrounding a product. Hundreds of posts are made to this forum a day, so it’s easy to get an idea of how everyone is feeling. Seems the majority are loving Lucas PawPaw. I think the negative comments are to be expected though, after all it is a skin care product, and all skin is different.

Or there are more personal, mixed reviews like this one.


Why not try some for yourself? We love it. Will you?

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It’s been a busy summer, long may it continue. It seems that as the weather gets better, people are finding they have less and less time to spend indoors. There are just so many more exciting things to be doing outside! That’s where we can help, and more people are joining the online shopping revolution each and every day.


Speaking of fun things to do outside, we just can’t get enough of this summers Auckland Art Festival. Going to bed last night listening to the fireworks and pyrotechnic display of ‘The Breath Of The Volcano‘ in the Auckland Domain I’m thinking it’d be rude not to book tickets to some of the other shows. From Sizzling Salsa to acrobatics , the Auckland Arts Festival really does seem to have it all.


If you’re located a little further south, it’ll definitely be worth checking out the Hokitika Wild Foods Festival this weekend. Get your appetite up, your glad-rags on and head down for a feed of Huhu Grubs! What better way to spend the weekend. (I’m sure there will be some refreshments to wash the adventurous food down with). Definitely a kiwi must-do.


What ever activity you’re filling your weekend with, supermarket shopping doesn’t have to be one of them. The forecast is outstanding so get involved in the last of summer, and make the most of it.


The SupermarketSaver crew has had a busy summer. We’ve been so flat-tack selling products that stocks are now running low. Today a massive order has been confirmed for more stock, so it won’t be long until a bunch of new items hit the shelves. ProductSaver has also been moving fast, they’ve just introduced three daily specials to make it even easier for shoppers to find the right bargain.


We’re pretty excited about the direction that 2013 is taking us. Hope it’s treating you well too. 🙂

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Christmas Craziness

Arrrghhh the Christmas Crazy has started. It’s the timed explosion of festive cheer, bright lights, overspending and shopping queues. And no matter how hard you try, unless you have rights to a cave to live in, you just can’t avoid the madness. 


Tips to getting through the throng of screaming babies and over enthusiastic santas:

1. Re-cycle. Those Christmas decorations from last year might need just some new string, and new fur trim on Santas hat, or new bulbs in your christmas lights. If your christmas isn’t shaping up to the the blaring festivity that it was last year, just turn the house lights down lower. 

2. Pool resources. Why not have a big family christmas this year. It might mean that you need to decorate only one home, and can give presents to families instead of individuals. Multiply the Christmas love!

3. Make a list. Start with the people you need to shop for, then try and match them with a gift. It also might pay to have some generic pressies on hand (like wine, chocolates etc) for those last minute invites, or people who should have made the list – but for forgotten….

4. Shop online. It’ll mean that you’re more likely to stick to your list as there aren’t impulse buys pushed on you, and you’re much more likely to bag yourself a bargain. Of course we’re going to recommend our own ( has some great gift ideas!) but there are lots of sites out there so get familiar with your keyboard.

5. Don’t forget that normal life carries on. For example, you’ll still need to clean the house, walk the dog and do the laundry. Unfortunate but true. Do yourself a favour and buy all the household ‘stuff’ in one go. That way you have to spend your summer afternoons lugging heavy detergent from the supermarket instead of building a sandcastle at the beach. 

6. Finally, remember to look after yourself! There isn’t a better time to sit back, and reward yourself with a good book and a glass of wine. The dishes can wait, and over-indulgence is almost expected at this time of year. Make the most of it!

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Movember is getting a little ugly in our offices. 3 days to go and counting….
Anyone else looking forward to the beginning of December?

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Daylight Savings.

Now that the shock of the early morning wake-ups in the dark has almost worn off, I can begin to surface into the world and resume some normality. Daylight Savings always knocks me for six, although those gloriously long summery nights are JUST around the corner. Can. Not. Wait. 

Lots of people use Daylight Savings to remind them of what time of year it is. I know mums of large families who use Daylight Savings as their cue to start Christmas Shopping! Little early for that for me I think…. 

Jokes aside, at this time of year it’s very important to check your fire alarm batteries. It’s a message that gets hammered, twice a year, and one that we tend to ignore. “I changed the batteries only like, last year, wasn’t it?”

Is it one we can afford to ignore though? I for one found the recent advertising campaign with the father and daughter after a house fire very harrowing. Definitely worth spending a few dollars a year on batteries – just to avoid the risk more than anything. 

So, do the responsible thing. Dust off the fire alarm, change the batteries, and sleep easy knowing your family is safe. 





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MAX excitement for M.A.C


SupermarketSaver has redefined the boundaries of what ‘Online Grocery Shopping’ means. Sure you have to get your toothpaste, and your toilet cleaner and nappies for the bub.

Now shoppers can throw in a little something special for themselves. Thanks to an awesome supplier we’ve found, SupermarketSaver has been able to get some M.A.C make-up and at irresistible prices. This might not mean much to those of the male variety – but it was certainly something to get the chat going in our predominantly female office.

M.A.C seems to have somewhat of a cult following. “Once you go M.A.C you never go back” is what they say, and I’m beginning to believe them. Now we just need to convince the boss that an afternoon off to go to the M.A.C store and get our colours done is an afternoon well spent…

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Winter Warmers

Blogging seems to be a catch 22. When you’re really busy doing lots of exciting blog-worthy things you’re too busy doing said blog-worthy things to write a blog-worthy blog. First world problems.

SupermarketSaver is morphing every day. We’ve just ordered a big shipment of M.A.C make-up to grace our shelves – which has been the cause of much excitement. Cheap make-up from an elite brand? Yes thank you! The first edible products are also now for sale – we’re starting off with Pringles and Biscuits and as they’ve proven so popular we’ll be sure to put more in there. Hopefully we can soon offer tea, coffee etc – all those things you need but just don’t have time to spend thinking about.

We’ve also added a stationary category, a laundry category, oral care products as well as adding to our existing categories. Just try and hold us back! Need to brush you teeth while doing your washing and writing a letter? We’ve got you covered.

As for the general hub-bub at SupermarketSaver – it’s been the standard hijinks. Our latest and greatest source of entertainment each morning in the office is the SupermarketSaver promotion on Facebook. We’re giving away $150 worth of Baby Gear to anyone who uploads a cute picture of their bubba to our page then collects the most votes. There are definitely some cuuuuuuuuuuuuute babies in the pool, and some contenders have over 100 votes! Those are some pretty dedicated Mums! Well done, and keep ’em coming 🙂

In other news, a blocked drain and an hour of solid rain resulted in a little ‘dampness’ in the warehouse. Everyone grabbed a towel or a broom and with the help of the New Zealand Fire Service, quickly managed to keep things under control. A nice little distraction for the afternoon.

Apart from that, we’ve got the mandatory yawns around the office this morning as we’re all far too interested in the London Olympics. My favourite quote so far from our team is “Phelps didn’t get gold? What was he doing?!” How easy it is to be a spectator! The time difference could well be the end of me though as we head into another night of unmissable action. I’m not even going to try and hide my excitement for the Equestrian Cross Country – and the Artistic Gymnastics could be a goer. Funny how interested you suddenly become in sports that previously held no attraction…

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